Private owned cars, light commercial & emergency vehicles

KJE 578  1943 Austin K2 military ambulance


NWR 249  1954 Leyland Beaver Morris (Salford)/Magirus 100 ft. turntable pump escape.


NYV 819  1954 Bedford RLHZ “Green Goddess” fire appliance


PGW 297  1954 Bedford RLHZ “Green Goddess” fire appliance


TLG 328  1954 Dennis F8 pump originally Rolls Royce, Crewe, works appliance.


TOA 584  1955 Bedford SB Wilsdon fire appliance


BEK 999C  1965 Bedford TK HCB/Angus fire tender


XEM 650W  1981 Ford Escort RS Mexico police car

WRM 554S 1978 Land Rover LWB (109") fire appliance





858 UXU 1914 La France touring car


Unregistered 1927 Rolls Royce Shooting brake


PSF 191 1940s  Austin 10 saloon


459 UXM  1954 Ford Prefect saloon


UBU 205  1959 Ford Popular 100E saloon


PNC 358 c1954 Morris Minor saloon


TUE 565  1956 Morris Minor saloon


HDJ 299D  1966 Humber Hawk IVA


AVW 237F  1968 Sunbeam Rapier fastback coupé


STB 54G  1969 Volkswagen “Beetle”


MCW 65G  1968 Lincoln Continental Mk III


RMB 614H  1970 Audi 100LS


ATE 899J  1971 Wolseley 15/60


FME 510J  1971 Ford Cortina Mk 2


KXF 790K  1972 Sunbeam Alpine


NWV 69P  1976 Lincoln Continental Mk. IV


THG 468T  1979 Lincoln Continental Mk. V


MUM 65V  1980 Vauxhall Chevette


E409 JPG  1988 Ford Fiesta XR2


H93 NMO  1990 Ford Escort RS Turbo


H811 JPR 1990 Mini Metro Clubman 1.3


L358 XCC  1993 Nissan Sunny


S822 NNR  1998 Ford Cougar V6





228 VTU  1962 Matchless G12 de Luxe


WRN 231Y  1983 Honda CD200 Benly

FDJ 147 1956 BSA "Bantam" 125cc two-stroke solo motorcycle

Unregistered  2013  WK 650i Racing motorcycle






The museum is home to a collection of bicycles of varying ages, makes and models, some of which are on display. Cycles on show may be changed for those in store from time to time and it is not practicable to list them all here.