Museum owned commercial and fire fighting equipment

GXH 323  1943 Austin K3 catering van


LDJ 57  1958 Morris dropside lorry  originally owned by St Helens Fire Service


YET 507  c. 1961 Morris LD mobile shop  formerly owned by Iredale of Northwich


DDM 820C  1965 Wales and Edwards battery milk-float  formerly Northern Dairies, Caernarfon


E801 TOJ  1987 Ford Transit box van formerly W. H. Smith & Sons.


FHF 425F  1968 Raleigh “Runabout” moped, 49 cc two-stroke


GLV 77N  1974 MZ ES 150/1 Two-stroke, 150cc motorcycle


MX07 UPB  2007 Sukida Motorcycle

Miscellaneous fire-fighting equipment


Coventry Climax “Godiva” trailer fire pump.


Gwynne Portable Fire pump


Manually-operated hose reel